Themed Tours

We understand that driving in Scotland  be an issue for many drivers: different side of the road than you might be used to, unexpected hazards from speeding tractors to sheep blocking the road without forgetting tiny single track roads. So that you can sit back and enjoy the scenery and the manifold wildlife on view, we propose our themed guide-driven tours to make your journey easier and safer.

£400 for a group of 4 per day for a pick up in Inverness or Aberdeen or in most places of the Highlands (accommodation and entrances fees not included)

£50 extra per person per day for start from anywhere further (Edinburgh, Glasgow,etc).



Castles Tour

Scotland is rich of hundreds of castles, some are still in a very good state, some are in a more vulnerable state but all of them are worth a visit.

If visiting castles is your passion, we have the perfect tour for you : a tailor-made tour. Pick and mix the castles you would like to visit and we will arrange a tour for you.

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Battlefields Tour

Over the centuries Scotland’s landscape has been home to a multitude of bloody battles that have played a major part in shaping the nation.

Some of the most popular heroes wrote their names in the ground with the tip of their swords coloured with the blood of their enemies.

Enter the legend and follow the traces of these famous men who made Scottish history.

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Archaeology Tour

From standing stones to cairns, in Scotland you can find a large amount of traces from prehistory.

We propose a Pictish trail to discover some enigmatic stones scattered all over Scotland, trying to understand their meaning and getting closer to these remote areas of history.

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Whisky Tour

No need to precise that Scotland rhymes with whisky or uisce beatha, the water of life.

We propose taking a journey into the secret of some the most famous whiskies of the country. Starting on the Speyside, we go further and further west to visit some of the most prestigious names of Scottish whisky.

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Film Locations Tour

Scotland’s dramatic landscapes have been the setting for many films and TV series. If you are a film fan or a TV series addict, we can organise a tour for you that you will never forget.

For lovers of the Outlander series, we propose an Outlander tour but lovers of other TV shows or films such as Monarch of the Glen, Hamish Macbeth or Braveheart, Highlander or Local Hero will find plenty of places to visit and enjoy.

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Literature Tour

For the literary-minded, we have tours on offer to places of inspiration for writers of the past and the present.

We will take you to different locations to see and feel where some of the most famous Scottish writters such as Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns or Peter May and Ann Cleeves and many others have been inspired to write their books.

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Lochs Tour

The word loch is one of the first words associated with Scotland: it is home of more than 30.000 lochs and lochans (small loch). There are hundreds of lochs either inland or sea lochs.

We can take you on a tour of the most breathtaking lochs.

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Gastro Tour

Are you a foodie who wants to sample the freshest local produce or dine at a renowned restaurant?

Scotland is righly famous for the quality of its food and drinks. Whether you want to sample Scottish whisky, gin and craft beer or excellent seafood, venison, lamb or haggis, we will tailor your trip according to your tastes.

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Scottish History Tour

Modern life is now everywhere in Scotland and technology has found its way to many remote areas.

Nevertheless many traces or museums are still here to remember and teach us what life was like in Scotland until the Highland Clearances and afterwards. If you are enchanted by history, this is the tour for you!

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Why not enjoy the craic with a quick pint or a wee dram.

In other words why not try Scotland’s world wide reputation of welcome and great sense of entertainment ? You will not regret it and it will provide an endless stock of stories and sounds that will fill your mind for ever.

We are inviting you into a journey through some of the most curious places in the world !!

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You can obviously choose to visit a specific area of the country. It is why we are proposing 11 different destinations. You will discover some wonderful landscapes, castles, whiskies and so many other treasures in all of them. So take the right decision … or come back !!

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